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A Man For All Seasons

Director: Andrew Johnson

11th-16th June 2018

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Robert Bolt's famous dramatisation of the clash between Sir Thomas More and Henry VIII over Henry's divorce from Catherine of Aragon in favour of Anne Boleyn.

Henry is desperate for a male heir, which his marriage to Catherine did not provide. In order to put her aside in favour of Anne, Henry was forced to break with the Church of Rome - in itself a decision with enormous and far-reaching consequences for England which still echo today.

Determined to ensure the inheritance of an heir by Boleyn, he demands that everyone must swear to the 'Oath of Succession'. More, Henry's ex-chancellor and a trained lawyer, uses all his wits and legal skills to hold fast to his conscience - and his head!

Bolt brilliantly dramatises the dilemma of staying true to ones convictions in the face of Stately power working for its own ends.