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Playwriting Competition

Monday 6th June 2022. 8pm
Tuesday 7th & Wednesday 8th, 8pm

Monday 6th of June:
Will.I.Am. Am I?'
followed by 'Yellow'.

Tuesday 7th of June:
followed by 'Shortly To Go'.

Wednesday 8th of June:
'Shortly To Go'
followed by 'Will.I.am. Am I?'

Venue: Espace Lumen
Chaussée de Boondael 32-36
1050 Ixelles


Our Short Play Competition yielded three interesting offerings:
'Shortly To Go' by Ilias Konteas and Dimitrios Stasinopoulos, which explores parallels between Shakepeare as he attempts to finish King Lear during the plague year of 1606 and Mary Fortnite, trying to re-invent herself as an author during the pandemic in 2020. Their relationships pose the question 'What price art for the artist'. This play has just had its premiere at this year's FEATS Festival in Luxembourg and is directed by Tim Myers.

'Will.I.am Am I?' by Stephen Challens, delves into the thorny - and still current - question of the true authorship of Shakespeare's plays, as seen through the eyes of the various contenders for the claim. It is directed by Guillem Chevalier.

'Yellow' by Geoffrey Mamdani.
Winter 2010, in a London still marked by the financial crisis. Rosie Arden’s new job with the law firm of Hathaways is to defend a notorious fraudster from justice. It is a task that will force her to face up to the compromises that have shadowed her life, and bring her face to face with a man who - like one of Shakespeare’s famous antiheroes - has lost career, dignity, everything for a moment of madness.  Together, they must navigate a world where the greatest moral principles are often sustained by the grubbiest actions - and decide whether one person's choices can really make a difference.

Tickets are available for each night. A good value 'Combi' ticket permits entrance on any and all of the three nights (if presented by 8 pm).

There is also an excellent value option to buy a 'Combi' ticket for a specified night for Macbeth, our main production, and entrance on all three of the Short Play nights. Please note though, it is not an 'open ticket' for any night of Macbeth, only the night shown on the ticket.