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'The Taming Of The Shrew'

Director: Heli Parna
Venue: 40 Rue de Belle-Vue, 1000 Brussels

Monday 13th January at 19.00
Wednesday 15th January at 19.00
Friday 17th January at 19.00
Saturday 18th January at 15.00
Sunday 19th January at 15.00

Performance dates:
30th of June-4th of July  2019.

E-mail Heli


List of characters in the main play:

•    Katherina (Kate) Minola – the "shrew" of the title (age 20-40)
•    Bianca Minola – sister of Katherina (age 20-40)
•    Baptista Minola – father of Katherina and Bianca (age 40-70)
•    Petruchio – suitor of Katherina (age 20-40)
•    Gremio – elderly suitor of Bianca (age 40-60)
•    Lucentio – suitor of Bianca (age 20-40)
•    Hortensio – suitor of Bianca (age 20-40)
•    Grumio – Petruchio's manservant (age less relevant)
•    Tranio – Lucentio's manservant (age less relevant)
•    Biondello – servant of Lucentio (age less relevant)
•    Vincentio – father of Lucentio (age less relevant)
•    Widow – wooed by Hortensio (age less relevant)
•    Pedant – pretends to be Vincentio (age less relevant)
•    Servants to Petruchio (age less relevant)

List of characters in the Induction: (No particular age requirement)

•    Christopher Sly – a drunken tinker
•    Hostess of an alehouse
•    Lord – plays a prank on Sly
•    Bartholomew – Lord's page boy

Please e-mail Heli Parna to notify her you wish to audition:

Brussels Shakespeare Society is looking for actors and actresses for our summer production of The Taming of the Shrew, directed by Heli Pärna. Performance dates are 30 June – 04 July.

Auditions will be held at 40 Rue Belle-Vue, Ixelles.

We are looking for several female and male characters of all ages, so everyone is very welcome! The age requirements are flexible and it is important to look the age, rather than actually be that age, so don’t be discouraged to come along.

Also, apart from the main characters, not all characters need to be played as the gender they are in the original play.

Rehearsals will start beginning of February on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays.

Please e-mail Heli Parna to notify her you wish to audition: