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King Charles III
by Mike Bartlett

Director: Johanna Kainz

Audition Venue: 40 Rue de Belle-Vue, 1000 Brussels
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Wed 22nd Feb  19:00-21:00
Sat 25th Feb 10:00 -12:00

Thurs 2nd March 19:00-21:00
Sun 5th March 11:00-14:00

Performance dates:
24th to 28th October 2023

Performance Venue:
Mercelis Theater, Rue Mercelis 13 1050 Ixelles

What this play is/What the play isn’t:
It is an alternative history play set in a fictional Britain ca. 2016 (it was written in 2014).. It is not Neflix‘ The Crown, nor 'Megan and Harry', but it is also not a documentary. It treats all the people that are represented in the play (King Charles III, Camilla etc.) with dignity and agency and poses a variety of interesting what ifs.

We are looking for  (ages are guidelines, not set in stone):

Male Cast
Charles III, the King of England, 50-70
William, the heir to the throne, 25-35
Harry, the second son of King Charles III, 25-35
James Reiss, the royal press advisor, 45-55
Prime Minister Tristram Evans, labour, 40-50s
Doubled Male Roles
Cootsey (friend of Harry’s) /Sir Michael (Head of the Met), any age
Spencer (friend of Harry’s) /Sir Gordon (Head of the armed forces), any age
Speaker of the House of Commons/Archbishop of Canterbury, any age
Nick (royal under butler) /Clive (Kebab salesman) any age

Female Cast
Camilla, wife of King Charles III, queen consort, 50-70
Kate, wife of Prince William, 25-35
Jess, Harry’s Girlfriend, 20s
Leader of the Opposition Ms. Stevens, Conservative, 40s/50s
Doubled Female Roles
Ghosts/ TV Producer, female, mid 20s to mid 30s
Sarah (Right hand of the PM)/Newspaper Lady, any age
The Play:
Prince Charles has spent his entire life yearning for the crown, which is now within reach. But even before the coronation, King Charles III's idealism is put to the test as Parliament just enacted a new bill that drastically restricts journalistic freedom. It is customary for the monarch to sign all bills, but detecting a direct threat to 'customary freedoms of speech', Charles refuses.

And so within a month of his mother’s funeral he finds himself in a direct clash with the Prime Minister and government of the day.

While most of the family struggles with what King Charles’ actions mean for the future of the monarchy, Prince Harry meets someone who makes him wonder about his own future potentially away from it all.